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Development of medical software for diagnostics, imaging and image guided surgical interventions fast, safe, and intuitive.
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Holoma is an innovative tool, developed by ICB-M, a medical technology company that uses its proprietary ICP® Image Registration Bone-to-Bone-to-Implant® technology. In clinical studies, ICP® Image Registration Bone-to-Bone-to-Implant® technology demonstrated superior clinical outcomes, including better function and greater patient satisfaction, compared to traditional surgery.

We are developing software platforms for different surgery divisions. Holoma design produces, transfers and matches the preoperative plans directly over the patient’s anatomy with all necessary biomechanical features and implants that are “state of the art generic“, individually sized and shaped, or customized. ICB-M offers a broad line of customized pre-sterilized, single-use navigation instruments delivered in a single package to hospitals for Orthopedics, Arthroplasty, Trauma, Spine, Neuro, CMF and Joint Preservation Surgery. Using our proprietary algorithms, we have improved the accuracy and precision of Microsoft HoloLens 2 over 10 times, and at the same time have radically decreased the size of markers that need to be identified and tracked by the solution.


We increase the knowledge of medical professionals and provide the industry with tailored software solutions. We have more than 20 years of experience in many diagnostic and therapeutic solutions. Our team consists of world-renowned medical experts, computer visionaries, data scientists, 3D game artists and biomedical design engineers, experienced software engineers, robotics and product managers. Together, we build solutions combining the latest software and medical advancements.

At Holoma, we are passionate about reducing the complexity for our customers and addressing the technical and clinical challenges associated with surgery. Based in Bulgaria, ICB-M is a privately held MedTech company founded in 2020 by interdisciplinary specialists. Our software solutions improve the clinical performance in skeleton reconstructive procedures and lead to precision, risk reduction and rapid recovery while maintaining superior quality and increased reliability.

Stoyan Boev

Stoyan Boev

Co-Founder at ICB-М, Upkip, ICB Digital and Managing Director of Interconsult Bulgaria (ICB). Having more than 20 years of experience in software companies management and strategic development he is responsible for new business and strategic product positioning. Stoyan has created and moved to market products in healthcare, finance & banking and manufacturing.

Nikolay Kolev

Nikolay Kolev

Co-Founder at ICB-М with decades of experience in delivering complex software systems to leading companies in the Maritime and Healthcare industries. Consultant to critical systems of companies like Shell, Kongsberg, Coca-Cola, among others. Deep expertise in machine learning, especially in image recognition, visual inspection, streaming analytics, cyber-security, virtual and mixed reality. He is responsible for the architecture and all technical aspects of Holoma.
Vladislav Raykov

Vladislav Raykov

Co-Founder at ICB-M, an orthopedic-traumatologist with a specialty in Dusseldorf after a full course of study in Germany, recognized in Bulgaria and Switzerland. He holds a doctorate in medicine from the University of Zurich. From 2009-2017 he practiced in Germany in centers for endoprosthesis, orthopedics, traumatology, arthroscopic and spinal surgery. He is our medical brains and is a representative of the medicine guild in our team.

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Target Groups

Patients, Surgeons, Industrial Partners from the Medical Device Field, Insurance Companies, Virtual and Mixed Reality Experts, MedTech Engineers, Sales Forces, Researchers & Developers, and Developers of intuitive CAD-CAE-CAM-RP Solutions.

and Development

We are interdisciplinary experts engaged in development of innovative solutions for improvement of the medical care worldwide.
Orthopedic, Trauma, Neuro and CMF Surgery
Navigation in Oncology and Transplantology
Teaching, Education and Telemedicine
Transparency, Traceability and QM in Medicine

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    Using 3D models and holograms to reshape the future of medical procedures.

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    Using 3D models and holograms to reshape the future of medical procedures.

    Copyright by Holoma.

    All rights reserved.

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